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大仁科技大學 - 國際暨兩岸事務處
外籍生工作證申請資訊 Work Permit

勞動部勞動力發展署 外國專業人員工作證許可申辦網


Application Notice for Work permit online

Please be sure to use IE browser ONLY for accessing to the website

A) 工作證效期分為兩期:  4/1-9/3110/1-3/31


There are 2 terms of work permit period : 1 of April- 31 of Sep 1 of Oct-31 of March, no matter when are you apply, it will maximum issue 6 months at most each time.

B) 需準備並上傳之文件如下 The required documents :

(a)    工作證費用匯款單請於上網申請前一日完成繳款手續): 

Transfer slip (please transfer the fee 1 day before you apply online):

(b)    上網址申請帳號後進行工作證申請,請將匯款後收據上相關資料填上網頁。

Link to the website, register your ID and password then start to apply. Also,type in your receipt number, paid date and post office branch number.

(c)    學生證正反面影本  蓋當學期註冊章 (PDF檔上傳於申請網址的資料夾內     

Uploading the front & back photo-copy of student ID with the current semester enrollment stamp.

(d)    有效護照資料頁及居留證影本(PDF檔上傳於申請網址資料夾)

Uploading your passport information & both sides of ARC.

C)   其他注意事項 Others

(a) 若資料缺漏,勞動部會以手機簡訊方式通知上網補件,請留意於補件期間內補件,以免需重新匯款申請。

The agency will send text message to your cellphone for any supplementary if need, please pay attention to the supplementary period for avoiding reapply all over again.

(b) 勞動部於2015617日公告,外籍人士申請工作證,其工作時間除寒暑假外,每星期最長為二十小時相關法規可至查詢。

Foreign students are allowed to work at most 20 hours during semester, however there is no limit for summer and winter vacations.

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