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大仁科技大學 - 國際暨兩岸事務處
Department of Nursing


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The department was founded in 1990 and was upgraded and renamed in 2000. Now we provide 2-year and 4-year bachelor program B.S.

Educational Goals

The educational goals are to enable students acquiring integrated understandings of basic theory and practical skills in nursing. The idea is not only to fully develop practical nursing specialists, but also, to be well versed in technology and the philosophy of humanism.

Faculty Members

Our faculties are selected from academically and professionally qualified members of the nursing field. They have credible clinical and teaching experiences. Currently, the department has 40 teaching specialists with PhD or Master degrees. Their expertise includes different fields of nursing, basic medicine, humanity science and social science. In addition, they have rich practical teaching experiences and have devoted themselves to teaching.

Teaching Traits

In order to keep pace with trends in international health care systems, and to meet the student’s interest, small groups and class size are utilized. The courses are designed to emphasize a unique combination of the latest theory and actual practice in all disciplines. In addition to the course work, some of the practical training programs are taken places in teaching hospitals. The faculty will develop students’ competencies which are required in a variety of clinical tasks such as medical-surgical nursing, pediatrics, intensive care units etc. Additionally, students’ abilities in collecting, managing and organizing information are also enhanced.

Future Career

Graduates may take the National Examination for the Professional Nurse’s Certificate. Graduates can work as professional nurses in hospitals, factories, school, or public health institutes. Furthermore, they are qualified to establish nursing organizations such as long-term care centers, nursing homes, or postpartum nursing care units. If the student would like to continue their studies, they can take the entrance examination for post-graduate study in nursing or related areas.

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