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大仁科技大學 - 國際暨兩岸事務處
Department of Tourism Management


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To cope with current economic development, along with the highly booming tourism industry worldwide, Department of Tourism Management at Tajen was prepared and officially founded in August, 2006. We aim to train professionals who will shake up the industry in enterprising and innovation with sensible ways. Moreover, Tajen University is located in Pingtung county where accommodates outstanding tourism resources such as Kenting National Park and Tapeng Bay National Scenic Area. Due to this advantage, academic lectures are combined with field trips, site visits and guest lectures from industry professionals, providing students with up-to-date and relevant education possible.

Educational System

Title Semester Degree
4-Year Day Division System 8 Bachelor
4-Year for Continuing Education 8 Bachelor
2-Year College for Continuing Education 4 Bachelor

Educational Goals

Based on the booming of tourism industry, the government’s tourism policy, and the students’ interests, our educational goals were set up as follow:

  • To train travel and transportation management professionals
  • To train professionals for tourism industries

Special Features of the Department

  1. Curriculum for Practice
  2. In order to prepare students to fulfill their future workplace, we have planned the practical curriculums, which include collaborative teaching with industrial experts, tourism project, off-campus visit, internship, overseas study and overseas internship.

  3. Curriculum for Certificates
  4. To train students to become tourism professionals, we have opened classes to assist them to get the professional certificates of tour leaders, guides, docents, OP/ticketing clerk, and certified travel counselors.

  5. Talents with International Perspectives
  6. Students are arranged to work domestically or abroad for a year. Through one-year internship in Taiwan or abroad, students can familiarize the job market and workplace. Meanwhile, foreign language skills are also our major focuses, and students are encouraged to participate in overseas study in Japan, including cultural, industry, and language learning.

  7. Indigenous Tourism Professionals
  8. Because of the geographic location of our school, we are the only school in Taiwan to establish Indigenous Tourism Program which emphasizes on developing and promoting tribe tourism.

  9. Teaming Up with Industries
  10. We performed the Placement Courses Program (OP) which is subsidized by Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor in 2014. We also include Academic-Industry Cooperative Program, which aims to train students for developing specific occupational skills required by participating companies and students could get the jobs of the companies after completing the trainings.


  1. Tourism Classroom
  2. Special classrooms were set up to improve students’ learning and teachers’ teaching quality, such as cabin classroom, airport simulation classroom, VIP room, duty-free shop, travel agency for interns, TV wall, and students’ exhibition area. All the above spaces supply students with the benefit of learning and are also used as an important demonstration venue for guests and students from other schools. Moreover, a gaming classroom was built to train professionals for the demand of gaming industry.

  3. Language Training
  4. To improve students’ language proficiency, we have planned practical language classes cooperated with the Department of Applied Foreign Languages of our school. Students can make the best use of our professional simulation classrooms to practice tourism and workplace English and Japanese. We also encourage students to take language evaluations and tests to enhance their competitiveness in foreign language ability.

  5. Professional Software
  6. To strengthen students’ professional skills on travel related information system, we set up a Travel/Transportation and Ticketing Management Classroom. Also we purchased practical teaching software, such as ABACUS Global Distribution System software, test module for Certificates for Tour Leader and Guide, Cowell Travel Industry Information System and Geographic Information System GIS.

Career Prospects

Our graduates have diverse career opportunities. They can expect to work in the areas related to tourism industries, such as tour guides, tour leaders and docents. They can also work in travel and transportation related industries, such as travel agencies, hospitality industries.

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