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大仁科技大學 - 國際暨兩岸事務處
Department of Recreation and Sports Management


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Department History

The school was founded in March 1966. It was formerly known as Tajen Pharmacy Institute. At the beginning of its establishment, it took the pharmacy as a principal axis for the development of the college. Currently, the whole school has been expanded to 4 colleges, 21 academic departments / bachelor programs, 6 master programs / research institutes and 1 general education center. The Recreation & Sports Management Department was established in February 2000 and the master program was started in August 2004 after the approval by the Ministry of Education.

Educational Objectives

The formulation of the educational objectives for this department needs to consider the social development trends & needs, student sources and traits, school and college educational objectives, along with the leisure policies of the government and non-governmental organizations. The department has two educational objectives respectively shown in the following:

  • Cultivate the grass-roots professional service talents for the recreation service industry.
  • Cultivate the grass-roots professional service talents for the sport service industry.

Also, the formulation of the educational objectives for the master program needs to be coordinated with the development trends of the leisure industry, social & economic fluctuations, and also consider the government’s policy trends for the leisure sports, tourism & hospitality, and health management. The master program of this department has three educational objectives respectively shown in the following:

  • Cultivate the mid-level management talents related to the recreation and sport industry.
  • Cultivate the mid-level management talents related to the tourism and hospitality industry.
  • Cultivate the mid-level management talents related to the recreation and health industry.

Educational System

Title Semester Degree
4-Year Undergraduate Program 8 Bachelor
4-Year Undergraduate Program for Continuing Education 8 Bachelor
2-Year Undergraduate Program for Continuing Education 4 Bachelor
Graduate Program 4 Master
Graduate Program For Continuing Education 4 Master


For the full-time teachers, there are 2 professors, 12 associate professors, 3 assistant professors, and 2 lecturers with 19 in total.

Development Characteristics

The characteristics of the department are as follows:

(I) To embody the local learning, local internship and local employment

The campus is located in Pingtung region, south of the national territory. It has rich natural landscapes and complete leisure & recreation resources, such as Kenting National Park, Tapeng Bay National Scenic Area, Banloan Leisure Agricultural Area, etc. The market demands of the leisure industry are very abundant. Therefore, this department takes the “local employment” as its characteristic, and actively promotes students to participate in the license study, local industries visit and internship. The actual promotion approaches include establishing a strategic alliance of industry-academy cooperation with the local enterprises, constructing off-campus practice bases in Kaohsiung and Pingtung region, encouraging students to participate in community services, building good local relations, etc.

(II) To link with the sea

Pingtung City is surrounded by sea with abundant marine resources and ecological landscapes. Within the region, Kenting National Park and Tapeng Bay National Scenic Area are venues of the leisure sports. Furthermore, Taiwan is a standard island nation and has rich and diverse aquatic activities. Based on this external advantage, this department sets up the “Water-Based Specialty” as a unique characteristic of the department. The actual promotion approaches include conducting a strategic alliance in combination with the dealers for water-based leisure activities, encouraging students to obtain water-related certificates such as swimming, water motorcycle, diving, etc., and setting the first aid certificate as the graduation threshold for students. At present, this department has already carried out the industry-academy cooperation with the sailboat practitioners of Tapeng Bay National Scenic Area and the surfing practitioners of Kenting National Park. It takes the seamless integration of students in internship and employment as its major development goal.

(III) To practice the old-age care

The starting point of this school is the orange care with the social and humanistic care. Also, while Taiwan is stepping into the aging society, this department will set the “old-age care” as one of the department’s development characteristics. We seek cooperation with government agencies and non-government institutions, actively promote the elderly leisure activities and the development of physical fitness, and plan the senior leisure activities by connecting the educational curriculum with the elder.


The facilities include hot spring hotel and spa, Pétanque, the paintball field, the rock climbing center, the adventure educational field, the archery field, the frisbee field, the swimming pool, the gym, the table tennis room, the dancing room, the physical fitness room, and the therapy room for sports injuries.

Career Prospects

The fields of recreation and sports management offer a wide variety of occupational opportunities for graduates. Graduates can expect to work as adventure educational trainers, activity planners for teenagers, recreation and sports managers, recreation and sports technicians, physical fitness trainers for elders, fitness trainers, lifeguards in the water fields, leaders for bicycle sports, personal fitness trainers, mountain guides etc. In addition, pursuing graduate degrees at domestic or overseas institution is a good prospect as well.

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