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大仁科技大學 - 國際暨兩岸事務處
Department of Early Childhood Development and Education


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Educational Objectives

The Department's main goals are to train professional childcare staff and to improve the quality of childcare by focusing on early childhood.


They are enthusiastic professors or specialists with PhD or Master degrees.

Training & Teaching goals

Cultivate professional childcare and staffs of kid-focused business with the abilities of life-care, curriculum-planning, teaching and humanistic care.

  • 0-2yrs Nursery center staff and baby-sitter
  • 6-12yrs After school childcare servicer
  • 2-6yrs Preschool educational giver
  • Staffs of kid-focused business
  • After school childcare management and service staff

Employment Prospect

Graduates are qualified to be childcare workers or preschool teachers. They can take the National Childcare Examination or the Public Service Examination for professional childcare workers. Furthermore, graduates are well qualified to work at a nursery school. They can also work for tutoring centers, child-magazine publishers, child education foundations or institutions.

Advanced Study

Graduates can pursue further study in the fields of childcare, child education, special education, child welfare, social worker, and child literature in graduate school.

Characteristics of Our Department

  1. The emphasis is placed on the integration of theory and practice. We own a well-designed and well-equipped on-site simulated nursery for our students to apply and practice the theory.
  2. To improve students' professional capabilities, the Department emphasizes on the early childcare issues and the teaching skills for preschoolers.

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