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大仁科技大學 - 國際暨兩岸事務處
The Undergraduate Program of Pet Grooming


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Education Objectives

We aim to cultivate the talents for the field of pet grooming, such as the veterinary assistants, the pet store managers, the pet stylist, and the pet behaviorist, etc. The students are expected to obtain the certificates of pet groomer, pet stylist, and pet massage therapist before they graduate.

Educational System

Title Semester Degree
4-Year Undergraduate Program 8 Bachelor
4-Year Undergraduate Program for Continuing Education 8 Bachelor


The courses include Biology, Physiology, Chemistry, Animal Anatomy, Sketch and Chromatology, Dermatology, Introduction of Equipment for Pet Grooming, Foreign Language, Pet Diseases and Prevention, Pet Behavior and Psychology, Pet Grooming Basics, Pet Hair Styling, Pet Hair Dye, Upper level of Pet Hair Styling, Behavior Training and Correction, Certification Counseling I, Certification Counseling II, Pet Laws and Regulations, Introduction to Veterinary Science, Veterinary Pharmacology, General Statistics, Psychology of Consumption, Finance Management, Pet Store Planning and Management, Fashion Trend Analysis, Reproduction in Pets, Service Management, Pet Nutrition, Pet Traveling Management, Pet Photography, Creative Pet Product Design, and Internships, etc.

Teaching Traits

  1. The ratio of the dog and the groomer is 1:1 during the practicing lectures.
  2. Students need to obtain the following certifications to meet the graduating threshold:
    • Level C Pet Grooming Certification issued by Ministry of Labor
    • Level C and B Pet Grooming Certifications issued by non-governmental associations
    • Level C and B Pet Trainers Certifications issued by non-governmental associations
    • Level C Technician for Chain Store Service issued by Ministry of Labor Certifications of Japan PSG Pet Groomer Exam
  3. Our facilities and equipments are qualified for the requirements of national test center.
  4. Students can get free trainings till earning the licenses.
  5. We offer international internship opportunities for pet grooming.
  6. Students are required to have internships for at least 6 months.


The facilities consist the pet recreation rooms, pet dorms, the professional pet grooming salons which include pet specialized drying room, washing room, and styling room. The instruments contain the pet dryer boxes, the beauty cases, small pet hair dryers, pet anatomical models, and 7- inch scissors.

Career Prospects

Graduates will be prepared for employments in a wide variety of fields. They can work in the pet grooming centers, veterinary hospitals, pet chain stores, and pet and aquarium ware houses. They can also choose to study in the domestic or overseas graduate schools.

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